they added guns to bedwars

this is not a prank. this is real.
thumbnail made by Milesilesiles
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  1. Colby

    Colby27 sekúndur síðan

    Sir, why does it say bedwars in the title? This is a WWII documentary.

  2. DaPumpkinHead

    DaPumpkinHead7 klukkustundum síðan

    That momment when bedwars goes from medieval to modern day overnight

  3. Wishbones

    Wishbones11 klukkustundum síðan

    I miss his bedwars content

  4. Elite addiction gaming

    Elite addiction gaming12 klukkustundum síðan

    i am potato bow master lol nobody rember me

  5. Bdog Marshall

    Bdog Marshall15 klukkustundum síðan

    Wow bedwars is Texas without the cold now

  6. Richard Gore

    Richard Gore16 klukkustundum síðan

    5:17 where did the pig come from

  7. ABU ReNeon

    ABU ReNeon20 klukkustundum síðan

    you can tell he used to play TF2

  8. Taybee Cool

    Taybee Cool21 klukkustund síðan

    I just love the thumbnail 😂😂😂😂

  9. Harvest 3D Artist

    Harvest 3D ArtistDegi Síðan síðan

    MLG Gamer - redundant and repetitive.

  10. captain rex

    captain rexDegi Síðan síðan

    11/10 for the thumbnail

  11. Gabby Monkey

    Gabby Monkey2 dögum síðan

    Drug for the drug lord

  12. Ryden Hand

    Ryden Hand2 dögum síðan


  13. crewmate not imposter

    crewmate not imposter2 dögum síðan


  14. Liam Barry

    Liam Barry2 dögum síðan

    When americans play Minecraft

  15. Roozly

    Roozly2 dögum síðan

    1:08 Thecnoblade predicted the area 51 raid

  16. Techno blade

    Techno blade2 dögum síðan

    HEY 😠

  17. kuro

    kuro3 dögum síðan


  18. flightfull

    flightfull3 dögum síðan

    this video gives me so much serotonin please never delete it JDJSKSJ

  19. rozeta oriku

    rozeta oriku3 dögum síðan

    R.I.P Winstreak

  20. Aryaman Roy

    Aryaman Roy3 dögum síðan

    Breaking News: Pig dominates American Bedwars

  21. Mr Lisson

    Mr Lisson3 dögum síðan

    Bruh you made magnums texture a m1911

  22. Fishy Friend

    Fishy Friend4 dögum síðan

    Build and shoot (AKA ace of spades) bedwars edition

  23. MrSpooks !

    MrSpooks !4 dögum síðan

    This is why I like techno 21 seconds into the vid and there’s already gameplay

  24. Isaac Whitlock

    Isaac Whitlock4 dögum síðan

    idk who will see this but: 6MIL POOOOOOOOOOOOG

  25. Michael M

    Michael M4 dögum síðan

    Its Mincraft but its fortnite

  26. Tadpole Milk

    Tadpole Milk4 dögum síðan

    During the fireball jump he just thought he was playing tf2

  27. Malthe Espesen

    Malthe Espesen4 dögum síðan

    You mean 0 to russia

  28. Zer0 Cyber

    Zer0 Cyber5 dögum síðan

    If only the guns looked like guns Edit: why in the first match did the guns be hoes but in the second match they looked like actual guns Second edit: sorry he added mods to make them look like guns


    NATE OLIVARES5 dögum síðan


  30. Western Yapper

    Western Yapper5 dögum síðan

    Techno is back to Fortnite for a video

  31. Frank Schnurr

    Frank Schnurr5 dögum síðan

    If technoblade was in WW2

  32. DeadEye

    DeadEye5 dögum síðan

    Technoblade: I'm a Minecraft God!!!!!!! Me: is he realizing now?

  33. Epic Weeb

    Epic Weeb5 dögum síðan


  34. FNRL

    FNRL5 dögum síðan

    Imagine that gun having knockback

  35. Sharun Sharma

    Sharun Sharma6 dögum síðan

    Techno can play any game If it is on Minecraft

  36. BeanLord Gaming

    BeanLord Gaming6 dögum síðan

    “IM BUYING A MAGNUM!” * buys a colt m1911 *

  37. Shanna F

    Shanna F6 dögum síðan

    This video reminds me of high school!

  38. Nafew Gamer

    Nafew Gamer6 dögum síðan

    this is america boys in america

  39. Sam Aurel

    Sam Aurel6 dögum síðan

    That "Ode an die Freude" moment is glorious

  40. Bhekie Simelane

    Bhekie Simelane6 dögum síðan

    do you wut to pop

  41. Bhekie Simelane

    Bhekie Simelane6 dögum síðan


  42. MBKING565

    MBKING5656 dögum síðan

    Since when were guns hoes?

  43. Pablo De La Rosa

    Pablo De La Rosa7 dögum síðan

    The most American thing ever

  44. Mealous

    Mealous7 dögum síðan

    counter strike: hypixel edition

  45. Aironas Balciunas

    Aironas Balciunas7 dögum síðan

    The moment when hoes are actualy usefull

  46. The Spectral Ghost

    The Spectral Ghost7 dögum síðan

    Idk why but this is the first video I have ever watched that was uploaded by TechnoBlade

  47. The Spectral Ghost

    The Spectral Ghost7 dögum síðan

    I like it

  48. Nightmare

    Nightmare7 dögum síðan

    6:00 to 7:11 there's another technoblade

  49. AceDavid TV

    AceDavid TV8 dögum síðan

    Librecraft copied all the maps :|

  50. Caiden Hawkins

    Caiden Hawkins8 dögum síðan

    Why do I feel like technoblade will go full on gods mode with a m24 and a ark-47

  51. slxyFNBR

    slxyFNBR8 dögum síðan


  52. Nate

    Nate8 dögum síðan


  53. Alandil101

    Alandil1019 dögum síðan

    "They're adding guns to Skyblock." He told the truth, Jerry-chine Guns for everyone!

  54. Anil Hulsurkar

    Anil Hulsurkar9 dögum síðan

    Wow I love the videos animates that ak 47 2 players lol

  55. Person

    Person9 dögum síðan

    50v50 with guns

  56. creepy_fox_lmfao

    creepy_fox_lmfao9 dögum síðan

    "there gonna have an orphan minion"

  57. mv aka 13

    mv aka 139 dögum síðan

    Thats a funny way to say they added American servers to bedwars

  58. jonathan ambriz

    jonathan ambriz9 dögum síðan

    not even 10 finals 😡

  59. Hocine Mahdaoui

    Hocine Mahdaoui9 dögum síðan

    Texture name please i have download him to boost my FPS

  60. Capybqra

    Capybqra8 dögum síðan

    Look in the description before making comments like this. It is ALWAYS there.

  61. Dave and Judy Skierczynski

    Dave and Judy Skierczynski9 dögum síðan

    POV: technoblade pulls out the nine

  62. Nehtion

    Nehtion9 dögum síðan

    Gun go brr

  63. Bepis Dog

    Bepis Dog9 dögum síðan

    20 % Murder 20 % Talking to his teamates that dont hear him 60 %BLEBLEBLEBLEBLEBLEBLEBLE

  64. Chris Neuschwander

    Chris Neuschwander10 dögum síðan

    when the when the

  65. when mom says we already have mickey mouse at home

    when mom says we already have mickey mouse at home10 dögum síðan

    Orphan minion XD

  66. Vincent Dellacroce

    Vincent Dellacroce10 dögum síðan

    this went to bed wars to America in 3 seconds

  67. Yellow Chemist

    Yellow Chemist10 dögum síðan

    10:14 you're god damn right

  68. Case 2_0

    Case 2_010 dögum síðan

    Reminds me of elementary school

  69. FireFox 586

    FireFox 58610 dögum síðan

    Techno: They can't shoot all of us Me: I didn't know you were a Russain techno

  70. Dolly Games

    Dolly Games10 dögum síðan

    Erit watching this ༼⁰o⁰;༽꒳ᵒ꒳ᵎᵎᵎ

  71. Hey Person

    Hey Person10 dögum síðan

    His inner American came out-

  72. Aleck Rodriguez

    Aleck Rodriguez10 dögum síðan

    Adults at technoblade’s age: I need to work and start a family Technoblade:potato bow master rush their beds!

  73. krusty gaming

    krusty gaming11 dögum síðan

    Veitcong in bedwars let’s go

  74. Parker Anderson

    Parker Anderson11 dögum síðan

    No one: Bedwars: yes America, anarchy, pure terror

  75. Garfield is gaming

    Garfield is gaming11 dögum síðan

    we dont need no sword -technoblade 2021

  76. Garfield is gaming

    Garfield is gaming11 dögum síðan

    thecno uses guns says why use swords goes to blue and kills one with a sword

  77. Pierce Taliaferro

    Pierce Taliaferro11 dögum síðan

    Take a shot everytime you see a comment making an America joke

  78. Alea Hays

    Alea Hays11 dögum síðan

    Its like a war

  79. Ollie Mogle

    Ollie Mogle11 dögum síðan

    The harsh numeric extragingivally phone because authorisation pathogenetically shrug lest a defiant caution. closed, dapper ramie

  80. Alon Gal

    Alon Gal11 dögum síðan

    This admin is the best guy I ever seen

  81. elementallobster x

    elementallobster x11 dögum síðan

    Hypixel's gun games do be fire tho

  82. Kc cuñada

    Kc cuñada11 dögum síðan

    This is America

  83. Skipper from Barbie

    Skipper from Barbie11 dögum síðan

    This looked like my school-

  84. Mouse Trap05

    Mouse Trap0512 dögum síðan

    Man I am glad to be in American

  85. Camila

    Camila12 dögum síðan

    Poor admin he actually thought it was a good idea.

  86. KingPin3089

    KingPin308912 dögum síðan

    the funny thing is that they actually added guns to hypixel skyblock and did it in the most memey way: JERRY

  87. Mycroft Lee

    Mycroft Lee12 dögum síðan

    "There should just be 10 dudes to machine-gun it out of the sky in like 10 seconds." *WELP*

  88. anti rito

    anti rito12 dögum síðan

    Teachnoblade vs I am wildcat in minecraft

  89. Unready Bear

    Unready Bear12 dögum síðan

    hi technoblade congrats on 5.86 sub

  90. Matthew Blomstrom

    Matthew Blomstrom13 dögum síðan

    5:28 Techno attempting to rocket jump

  91. Sa Gamer

    Sa Gamer8 dögum síðan


  92. Har Zzz

    Har Zzz13 dögum síðan


  93. Catherine Fitch

    Catherine Fitch13 dögum síðan

    You sound like boffy!?😂

  94. Death By Lag

    Death By Lag13 dögum síðan

    6:45 it bothers me that the last two messages have slightly wider spacing between letters

  95. iStoneyy420

    iStoneyy42013 dögum síðan

    it is 60fps but looks like 30? techna fix it!

  96. KillerQuasq

    KillerQuasq13 dögum síðan

    yo do y'all know what computer he uses cause I have an hp and my game is so laggy I have it at 6 chunks and 20 fps.

  97. KillerQuasq

    KillerQuasq13 dögum síðan

    and it is STILL laggy

  98. Stayed Rex

    Stayed Rex13 dögum síðan

    I guess each combat minion is an orphan minion does the mobs have parents no

  99. Miller Muhammad

    Miller Muhammad13 dögum síðan

    The whispering susan peripherally crash because stepson consecutively glue following a abaft siamese. gleaming, lethal gymnast

  100. Yasin Yas

    Yasin Yas14 dögum síðan

    Pls play mor bedwars

  101. filip_boucek

    filip_boucek14 dögum síðan

    that... actually looks really fun

  102. I'm Fe4r

    I'm Fe4r14 dögum síðan

    10:53 an orphan minion that sounds like a small tomyinit


    DXD GAMING14 dögum síðan

    yellow team is noob noobb hahahha but one is pro is techno they noob team they just lucky with techno i hate asasin hes noob hahah and with potato bow master potatobowmater like potatobownoob jk

  104. Van Ly

    Van Ly14 dögum síðan

    The best Fortnite rip off game